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Does This Sound Like you?

  • Raising prices or taking on more clients to make more money.
  • Unable to help all of your clients or share your expertise. 
  • Unable to help your clients who want to color their own hair. 
  • Struggle to help DIY home color clients who are looking for a quality option.
  • Businesses are evolving online and you can’t because you are chained behind your chair.

You are not alone.

Karen Anne Jacks, Della Ricca Founder / Owner

Hi, I'm Karen And and I was you...

Stuck behind a chair, only earning more by raising my prices or taking on new clients. It was exhausting until I realized something.

Clients came to me asking if I could sell them the professional color from the salon. They would ask, can you sell me the "good stuff?

But I couldn't until I created a solution.

You can share the same solution with your clients!

Serving your customers and making more money is kind and smart. And yes, you can do both.

You can earn continuous income and help your DIY hair color clients.

You can become a hairdresser hero to your home hair color customers.

You can offer a premium professional hair color, customized just like in your salon.

Don't believe it?

I thought I would lose clients. Now my client retention is up 35%!

I can not thank Karen Anne enough for creating the most professional home hair color line. It helped me service my clients during the pandemic and build my online business.


As a long-time color expert, my discovery of Della Ricca has helped me soar during the global change while growing my virtual consulting business.

Della Ricca reigns supreme as an elite professional coloring system that arrives at my client's doorsteps—resulting in a successful DIY experience for happy returning clients time and time again.

- Amber

Finally found a way to avoid the salon and maintain a professional image. Expert coloring. Free consultation. Professional hair products. Amazing result. Beautiful results.

- Susan Saleem

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You Deserve an Easier Way to Grow Your Business

At Della Ricca, we know our partners want to be successful and savvy independent hairdressers.

To do that, you need more customers so you can earn more income. Here's the secret, you can make more than you thought and not always be behind the chair.

I get it. You think if you have more customers or raise your prices, you'll earn more money. And so will the salon. It's exhausting and frustrating, and you feel chained to your chair.  

You deserve an easier way to earn more money for your expertise.

I've been where you are, stuck behind a chair, only earning more by raising my prices or taking on new clients. Then I realized something. Clients came to me asking if I could sell them the professional color from the salon, but I couldn't until I created a solution. Della Ricca Hair Premium Home Hair Color.

I want to help you have more options to make an income away from the chair and help more of your clients. Home hair color is a great alternative when including professional hairdressers.  We should be able to earn a piece of the 5 billion home color industry that we’ve not been able to capture.

Until now. 


Introducing the

Della Ricca Hairdresser Partners

The Della Ricca Hairdresser Partner Program is an easy-to-use premium professional home hair coloring kit for your DIY clients that allow you to make more money and help more customers. FAST.

In the Della Ricca Partners Program you will receive:

Della Ricca Professional Home Hair Coloring System
  • Receive 20% off each order placed.
  • Earn 20% every time they reorder.
  • Automatic monthly payments after the first $50 in orders.
  • Marketing materials to help you sell.
  • DR Hair color Kit for partners only, so you can experience the product.
    • 2 tubes of 7 shades
    • Color swatch
    • Lexicon color chart
    • Mini color sample kit with customized instructions for your clients needs

Your kit is only $149!

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