professional home hair color


The only do-it-yourself home hair color that is salon grade

the best home hair color option


The only do-it-yourself home hair color that is salon grade

should you or shouldn't you?


The only do-it-yourself home hair color that is salon grade

The Best Home Hair Color Option

Founded by a board certified hair colorist, Della Ricca is the only “Do-It-Yourself” product on the market offering salon grade quality with the ability to customize your color, strength, and method of application.

Our philosophy is to Keep the Science Simple: our organic cream-based hair color recipe springs from a deep understanding of the chemistry behind hair color, a less is more approach. Della Ricca utilizes the ideal amount of gentle ingredients to ensure your result works with your true hair color, encouraging your natural hi-lite to shine through. Happy, Healthy Hair will always be in style!

Should you or shouldn’t you?

Have you ever thought about at home hair color but unsure if it’s the right decision for you?

  1. Our one-step at home hair color product is unique. Della Ricca Hair Heroes are able to custom blend color shades as if you were in a salon.
  2. Don’t have time or money to make an appointment in a salon?
  3. Are you looking for a cost-effective solution?
  4. Do you LOVE the brightest blonde possible, is your gray roots showing too quickly? Or LOVE your all over color coverage?
  5. Are your roots showing more often?

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Della Ricca Hair Color
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Michelle Musso
Michelle Musso
00:01 21 Jan 20
This product is fantastic for my in between salon appointments for root coverage especially now since I have more gray.... I still go to the salon bc I love my multi color high and low lights and this saves me time so I don’t have to schedule another appointment halfway between highlights. I can do it at my leisure when I have time!read more
Dawn Cassara
Dawn Cassara
22:10 09 Jan 20
I have used many over the counter hair color products because it is torture for me to sit in a salon that long. I have... never been happy because of the poor match of color, brassiness, damage, etc. until I found Della Ricca Hair Color. Their product is superior and extremely easy to use. It's because Karen Ann (now a friend) does a consult with each buyer to make sure they get what they need and want. I can't say enough great things - excellent product and service!read more
Anthony Dominguez
Anthony Dominguez
19:17 08 Jan 20
Recommended by my sister and it got rid of the little grey hair I have on my sides nicely. Looks natural. Cant even... tell i Dyed it. Very satisfied! 🙂read more
Maricel Dominguez Watson
Maricel Dominguez Watson
19:12 08 Jan 20
The most amazing professional hair color for home use that I have ever purchased! It is super easy to use plus I got... to speak with a professional and experienced hairdresser to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and needed. I will continue to use and highly recommend.read more
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Custom blended hair color for home use prescribed by hair Colorist. Book your free consultation on line at www.dellariccahaircolor.com
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