Hello Gorgeous!

Words from Della Ricca’s founder and president, Karen Anne Jacks

Della Ricca was founded by a Board Certified Hair Professional, who believes everyone deserves salon grade customized color. We believe that every client deserves THE BEST “Do-It-Yourself” hair color experience that reflects their own unique brand of beauty. We are proud of Della Ricca’s exclusive salon grade hair color, created in Italy to exact specifications. We understand the science, chemistry, and artistry of hair color and recognize that every client is individually unique. Every order is customized and hand selected adding a personal touch by a professional colorist who understands your desired outcome. We deeply appreciate each and every client and recognize there are many choices for their coloring needs. We take pride in our pledge to honor our client relationships and will continue to earn your trust with every consultation, purchase, and reorder.


Happy Promise!

Your satisfaction is important to us here at Della Ricca. If for any reason you are unhappy with your results, we have a money-back happy Della Ricca promise!